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Pick And Roll Swing Pass – Basketball Tutorials

The way my younger players pick up some of these elite details we teach is really amazing. These kids were throwing left handed swing passes with the proper footwork and everything. Hitting their target (almost) every time! 🎯 Watch the full video to learn the proper details and footwork to execute this elite level pass out of a Pick and Roll!

The Pick and Roll

The Pick & Roll can be referred to a number of other names: screen and roll, on-ball screen, and ball-screen just to name a few. Regardless of what you call it, the actions are still the same.

The Pick & Roll is a hard offense to guard. It creates great spacing for scoring opportunities to drive to the basket and also shooters around the perimeter. This offense can be extremely effective if you have players who have the ability to set good screens, roll to the basket, and finish at the goal.

The action of the Pick and Roll is an offensive player setting a screen for their teammate who has the ball. Generally a Pick and Roll goes something like this:

  • An offensive player with the basketball goes to set a screen (The Pick) for their teammate with the ball. 
  • The player with the basketball dribbles off the screen reading the defenders and attacking to create a shot for themselves or another teammate
  • After screening, the screener also reads the defense to see if they should roll, pop, or slip their screen (The Roll). All actions have them looking to catch the basketball and make a play.

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