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AboveMAX Summer Kickoff AAU Basketball Tournaments NJ 2019 (Recap)

AboveMAX AAU Basketball Tournaments in NJ

In January of this year (2019) president and founder, Coach Art Morrison III decided to put together a series of annual AAU Basketball Tournaments spread throughout the year. The goal was to give other local programs the opportunity to participate in a state of the art tournament right in their back yard.

Prior to this tournament, AboveMAX has only hosted 3 AAU basketball tournaments in it’s 4 years of existence. With each tournament growing larger and larger at a retention rate of 72%, it was very important that we maintain a set tournament schedule that coaches and directors can look forward too.

In typical AboveMAX fashion, these AAU basketball tournaments provide the look and feel that players would normally only experience at costly tournaments that require extra travel and expenses. This includes media coverage, nba sized courts with breakaway baskets, certified referees, championship tee shirts and trophies, music, and more!

This First Annual Summer kickoff aau basketball tournament saw appearances from Pure Basketball, NJ Bulldogs, NJ Connection, Lab Boys, NJ Give and Go, and of course the home team, Team AboveMAX!

Don’t miss out on the next AboveMAX Tournament. Check out over 185 photos from the Summer Kickoff Basketball tournament below!

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