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Shoot More! – AboveMAX Basketball Shooting

Let’s really focus on basketball shooting! Let this sink in… Even if you’re a super efficient scorer, shooting 50% from the field… YOU STILL CAN’T AVERAGE DOUBLE DIGITS IF YOU’RE ONLY TAKING 5 SHOTS A GAME!!

To even give yourself a chance at scoring a respectable amount of points, you need to have 2 shot attempts every 8 minutes of a game, AT LEAST! At the end of the day, whoever scores the most points wins the game. Are you helping your team win!?

If your coach don’t trust your ability and isn’t getting you shots or “allowing” you to shoot, then you need to earn them on defense or by rebounding! PASSIVE PLAYERS DON’T GET RECRUITED.

In college I averaged 9.9 points my Freshman year. I thought I was trash and couldn’t figure out how to score more… Now 10 years later I look back like oh duh, I WAS PLAYING 20 MINUTES A GAME AND SHOOTING 54% ON 5 SHOTS PER GAME!! I wasn’t trash I was just too passive!!

Stop running up and down the court setting screens and what not. This is Basketball, not track. TAKE MORE SHOTS! You owe it to your parents, your coach, your trainer, and most of all yourself.

Click the link and learn how to take more shots!!!