Private Sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of an individual player.  These sessions can take form as a one-on-one session or a private small-group session. 

Group clinics


Group clinics are weekly clinics offered to address specialized topics such as basketball basics, passing, ball-handling, shooting, defensive skills, and conditioning. These clinics are larger in nature and do not address an individual player’s needs but gives both technical and tactical insight on a specific topic. These clinics are geared to challenge a player by providing additional practice, not one-on-one instruction.    

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Private Lessons



Camps are a great way to introduce a new player to the sport of basketball or to provide a fun and challenging atmosphere for players during time off from School.   Camps run daily or weekly from 9am-3pm and offer each player a new set of challenges as they participate with new players and experience new drills and games. 

Lacking team energy?

Coach Art Morrison III provides motivational speaking services to help boost team moral.  He uses his own experiences and obstacles to help motivate and drive your players to succeed.

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